Healthy and Sustainable Pet-Family Life Enabler
with Blockchain Technology

White Paper PECO Project


No.1 Pet Healthcare
with Blockchain Brand

PECO is a pet health care platform that combines big data
and blockchain technologies accumulated from diagnosing and
examining pets' diseases,based on 20 years of experience and
technology for the whole area of pet premium food, medicine,
and the prescription industry.

Based on the PECO platform, we will start with China · Southeast
Asian markets and become a leader in the global pet health care market.


    Development and provision of the best quality medicines, sanitary aids, food, and pet products.


    Conducts pet consulting and diagnostic tests through big data analysis.


    Pet food, medicine, and health diagnosis information stored in the blockchain to ensure the integrity.


    Continuous launch of new products for pet health.


    Horizontal expansion for pet healthcare line-up completed vertical integration.

PECO project is a pet health care total platform and service provision project that
encompasses an on/off-line environment so that pets can live a healthy life
with their family members throughout their lifetime.

Pet Health Care Platform

  • Premium Pet Food &
    Prescription Food

  • Pet Medicine &
    Sanitary Aid

  • Health Check Examination &
    New Medicine Development

  • Health Consulting &

  • Internal &
    External Distribution

  • Pet’s Bigdata

  • Blockchain &
    IT Technology


Our mission is to realize a healthy world where pets live with their families,
and to this end, the PECO ecosystem is maintained through exchanges and
virtuous cycles among participants in the PECO project ecosystem
consisting of teams, partners, pets, animal hospitals,
and business operators.

  • By introducing a blockchain-based token economy to various behaviors that occur between the PECO platform and participants, we achieve a virtuous cycle of the platform ecosystem.

  • The PECO project team continues to develop and launch new pet health care products to increase market dominance and expand products.

  • PECO's line-up of medicines and sanitary aids for pets, food, and prescriptions is based on animal hospital-centric B2B and links it with the PECO platform as a B2C area with new brands.

  • By introducing a blockchain-based token economy to various behaviors that occur between the PECO platform and participants, we achieve a virtuous cycle of the platform ecosystem.


The PECO project is designed to build a platform for managing
and operating on/off-line environments, products, and services needed for pets,
and to achieve the mission of 'realizing a healthy life with family during the life of pets'.

White Paper


Token Symbol PECO
Standard ERC-20
Total Supply 2,000,000,000 (2 billion)
Hard Cap 2,500,000 USD

[Token Distribution]

  • Token Swap
  • Retained
  • Team · Advisors · Partners
  • Reserve (for Airdrop & Reward)

[Budget Allocation]

  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Platform Operation & Management
  • Secure Franchise Network & Partnership


  • Peter.S.Kim.Founder & President
    - PECO Project Foundation & USA, Inc. Representative
    - CAN-AM Attorney Service Representative

PECO Exchange

Dcoin (

2019. 11. 20


2019. 04. 25
1st Private Meet-Up Event

2019. 05 ~ 07
2nd and 3rd Private Meet-Up Event

2019. 3Q
Research and development of new medicine substances and obtaining approval, and implementation of ICO (October)

2020. 1Q
Launch PECO Service App

2020. 2Q
Launch PECO Pet Health Care Platform

2020. 4Q
Launch customized management services based on Pet big data, Enter overseas markets


[PECO PROJECT] 3333, Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. 90010. USA.